Lab Chat is a new monthly TV show, the result of a collaboration by a group of residents of Second Life, with the co-operation of Linden Lab, the company that provides the platform.

There has long been a closeness between people at the Lab and the residents of Second Life – a sense of collaboration between those who make the platform (known as the Lindens, the surname they take) and those who not only use it, but also create the content that enriches it. Back in the early days, there were “Town Hall Meetings” where the two groups could meet.

As the grid grew, this became impractical as only a tiny proportion of the residents could squeeze into a region to hear the Lindens. The Town Halls were superseded with Office Hours held by individuals; in time most of these too were largely discontinued.

Now we are working towards a new form of communication with the Lab – a live question and answer show that will be recorded and broadcast later on the Second Life YouTube channel, and on other popular Second Life channels such as AviewTV.com.


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