Don’t miss Lab Chat live!

Lab Chat is live today, Friday, 6th May at 10.30am SLT.

Today, we’ll be asking Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab, Oz Linden, Ohe Engineering Director of Second Life, and Troy Linden, Senior Producer, a selection of your questions, chosen by the Lab Chat team.

There were over sixty questions asked in the forum, and unfortunately, we won’t have time to ask them all.  But we hope there will be an opportunity for those people who come to the show to ask their questions too.

Lab Chat Episode 2 - photograph by Torley
Lab Chat Episode 2 – photograph by Torley

You can come to the Live recording of the show at the LEA Theater on LEA 2,3, and 4 (the LEA1 part of the theater will be closed as it’s being used to for the set and tech teams that are needed for the recording).

Here are the theater entrances:

LEA2 –
LEA3 –
LEA4 –

We’ll see you there!

If you can’t make it to the live taping, you’ll be pleased to know that Lab Chat will be available as an audio recording and as transcripts. We’ll send you details as all of these become available.


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