Thank you for your Questions for the first Episode of Lab Chat!

We had a great many great questions from you all for the first episode of Lab Chat – so thank you all for contributing!

Sadly, there won’t be time to ask all your questions on the show, so we have selected a number of questions that the Team thought were important, relating to Second Life, the Marketplace and Sansar.

If your question wasn’t asked this time, you can:

  1. Come to the show and, if there’s time at the end of the set questions, submit your question in text chat – we hope to get to a few of them!
  2. Ask your question gain, next time we call for questions

We are planning to have an archive of answered questions on this site, organised in topics, so you’ll be able to see how questions were answered or – if you want to ask a question for the first time – whether a similar question has been asked and answered before.

Getting set up for our first Lab Chat show!
Getting set up for our first Lab Chat show!

How will I know if my question is being asked on the show?

There’ll be several ways to know if your question is asked (and answered).

  1. If your question is selected, you’ll be invited to appear on the show and ask your question in person (that will be a pretty big clue!).
  2. You can come to the Live Show which will be held in the LEA Theatre on Thursday 19th November at 10.30 am SLT.
  3. You’ll be able to watch the show later on the Second Life You Tube channel and on (and probably several other channels – we’ll let you know on our website at
  4. There will also be transcripts of the shows on the website.
  5. As explained above, we will be making an archive of answered questions. This is partly so that you can see the answers, and partly so that people don’t ask the same questions every time!

The first show will be this Thursday, 19th November at 10.30am at the LEA Theater.

Audience seating is on LEA 2, 3 and 4.

Here are the theater entrances:

LEA2 –
LEA3 –
LEA4 –


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